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To Be Continued...

Read Isaiah 19:1 through 23:18

Prophecies against the neighboring nations continued in these chapters. These countries had relied on their military prowess to defeat God’s people. And even Jerusalem was singled out for judgment because the people refused to acknowledge God.

You did not look to the One who made it, or have regard for the One who planned it long ago (Isaiah22:11).

God will not be mocked or ignored by either His own people or other nations. They were destroyed because of their sin of not remembering God in all things.

Many people rely on their good looks, their money, or their position in the community to make them feel important. For a while those things work to their advantage, but eventually beauty fades, people discover money can’t buy happiness, and young people become leaders.

When we depend on God for everything and look to the One who made us, we escape the despair of realizing that what we’ve relied on was just an empty promise.

Challenge for Today: Keep your eyes fixed on the One who made you and allow Him to define you.

Quicklook: Isaiah 22:8–13

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